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About Tem Plak
We are currently experiencing a huge influx of applications while our roster is nearly full. That means only exceptional applications will be considered.

That in turn means if you choose to apply to us, you should make sure your application has all the required info, and that you are an exceptional player. This way both you and the officer team of Tem Plak saves time and energy.

This also means that a lot of applications are being declined on basis of our current status. Don't be discouraged though. You can always try again at another time.

Should you be accepted, you are expected to show up to raids and perform on par or better than raiders in order to complete your trial. You should also be prepared to raid in a competetive enviroment where your raidspot is not guaranteed, as the best performers are the ones that are going to be raiding consistently.

If you are still reading and you feel that you can live up to this, then make an application using the button on the left.

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